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NOW until 30 September 02022

With a project 600 years in the making, community-building and fundraising will play vital roles in our ability to sustain this endeavor long-term. This film is a journey – a long pursuit, not just for us as filmmakers, but we hope for our audience as well. In light of the community we are hoping to build and the subsequent dialogue around slowness and long-term thinking, we’d like to offer this moment as a springboard into our film’s world; an opportunity to exchange and engage with not just our project and where it stands now, but all the things we’ll encounter along the way.

All donors at any tier will receive the Film1/ASAP quarterly e-bulletin sent to your inbox throughout production. Bulletins will include updates and photos taken on location and special messages from the team.

All donations are tax-deductible. Special thanks to our partners Women Make Movies and Münchner Filmwerkstatt.

Donor perks

$/€5Donor list (website) + quarterly e-bulletin
$/€15PLUS 5×7 limited edition Film1/ASAP postcard
$/€25PLUS a limited edition Film1/ASAP tote bag
$/€100PLUS Film1/ASAP poster + download IN PURSUIT OF SILENCE
$/€250PLUS download THE DAWN CHORUS
$/€500PLUS Your name in end credits of Film1/ASAP
$/€1,000PLUS your name included in the official Film1/ASAP time capsule
$/€5,000PLUS a private sneak-peek screening of Film1/ASAP
for up to 20 people + virtual Q&A with team

For those wishing to make a donation above $/€5,000 – please reach out to us through this form to discuss perks customized to your interests.

To all our donors, across all tiers: thank you. We are deeply humbled by your support and generosity. We can’t wait to embark on, and savor this journey with you – as slowly as possible.

We look forward to getting to know you.

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